Roller Base Plate

The roller base plate was developed with the goal of saving labor for maintenance works of
points, and has several advantages in terms of execution and maintenance.

Roller base plate as a labor-saving point plate

Roller base plate, as a labor-saving point plate, has following characteristics:

  • Lubrication free.
  • It has a structure capable of coping with track displacement.
  • It matches with every turnout number.
  • Roller structure is simple and excellent in durability.

Roller structure and way to use it

  • Cassette integrated rollers, manufactured by Swiss manufacturer
    Schwihag*, is easily mounted to the base plate. *Imported by Sumitomo Corporation
  • Base plate is designed and manufactured by our company.
  • Rollers are height-adjustable. There exist a type to be used singly and a type to be used in pairs, and these two types are used combined.

Cross section of roller base plate
Cross section of roller base plate
Roller(Importer: Sumitomo Corporation)
Roller(Importer: Sumitomo Corporation)

Base plate structure

  • Base plate structure permits an easy mounting of roller cassette.
  • Roller cassette position is adjustable in the lateral direction of track.

Classifications of base plate

  • wo classes are available, the first is for 50kgN rail, the second for 60kg rail.


  • Tongue rail can switch smoothly, supported by two rollers.
  • Pulling load is reduced by 40% compared with conventional base plate. (result obtained by a
    pulling load test conducted in-house)
  • In case of track irregularity in line or in longitudinal level, it is possible to maintain the
    performance of the device by adjusting the roller position.
  • The device has such a structure as to maintain the sufficient performance of rollers even at a
    site having uch dust.